You Matter Most! Season One Description

Since 2006, Dr. Ethan Gregory has been providing advice via social media and advice column under the title The 911. With each piece of advice to people seeking answers to their dating and sex issues, Dr. G. advocates a perspective to life that includes empowerment while minimizing the harm done to others in the process. The Ethan Gregory Approach has helped people advocate for their needs with their partners, become more considerate of others feelings, and encouraged people to strive for their desires.

For the first time, Dr. G has combed through the archives of his advice to others and has found the most practical, serious, and funny responses to readers. An important read for anyone looking to maximize his or her potential in life and love, The You Matter Most! series shows how Ethan Gregory treats his readers with respect while providing practical solutions to complex interpersonal problems.

Season One focuses on the beginning steps to companionship, attraction, building intimacy, and sex. The ABC’s of relationships will enlighten and entertain readers as they build their knowledge base for upcoming challenges within future seasons of the You Matter Most! series.

If you have seen his writing in articles and blogs spanning financial, romantic, health, and education advice; you are already aware that Dr. G has the experience and empathy to help anyone seeking answers in life.

Readers of his first two books, choice based dating manuals, I’m Sorry, You are Not a Disney Princess & I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist, love the way Dr. G. uses humor and tough love to guide readers. This book is raw, grown-folks advice that everyone can take into their relationships.

If you like Dan Savage and Loveline, then you will love the EGA in the reader 911’s within the You Matter Most! series.

Dr. Ethan Gregory has created a series for men and women looking to find partners. I'm Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist and I'm Sorry, You are Not a Disney Princess are guides that take readers through the process of courtship.

Disney Princess Description:

Since we are born we are gendered and taught from the media and our mothers that there is an ideal partner for us to search and find somewhere in the world. Movies and TV shows present endless examples of a perfect romance forming with a person that happens to be the one for us above all others. As we grow into adults and start our own search for our perfect partners, we start to recognize that we have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find our prince. The real world does not match the fairy tale that Walt Disney sold us as children. We must adapt our expectations to look at our potential partners as humans, imperfect just like us.

This book intends on helping women understand how their current perspective is hindering them from recognizing the partners all around them that might be willing to be a part of their world. You deserve to be happy and loved by a partner that will value you in their life and work to make you know they want you. Let’s see how the Ethan Gregory Approach can make you understand that you matter most in a relationship. If you are hoping to find a partner, you must read this book before you waste another second going down the wrong dating paths.

If you liked He’s Just Not That Into You and Modern Romance, then you will love this book! The make your choice aspect of the book adds an element of fun to the instruction that other dating books don’t have. Dr. Ethan Gregory keeps it very real. This is a book for grown women, and just like a decent boyfriend, Dr. G doesn’t end the book without you getting your needs met. The writing will make you laugh; blush, and most importantly it will make you think about changing your perspective.

Let’s learn how to drop the fairy tale and start finding a genuine partner. There are many quality men waiting for you to see them as potential partners, let Dr. G help you break the spell. Remember, you matter most!

Pick Up Artist Description:

When a man wants to boost their confidence and get better results with women, we look for help from self proclaimed “pick-up artists”. With their gimmicks and code names, they make it seem like you can’t lose. The problem is that you are not a pick-up artist, and a gentleman would not need to seek validation from naive women

I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-up Artist presents you with choices that highlight an important point in meeting a new partner, and you will have to test your current beliefs to see how the outcome influences your success.

The Ethan Gregory Approach is a combination of confidence, preparation, and accountability. You will learn why the rules and standards that men typically use can set you up for failure. Embrace the EGA and see your life open up to new partners and new possibilities.

The make your choice aspect of the book adds an element of fun to the instruction that other dating books don’t have. If you read The Game and other pick-up strategy books, you will want to de-program yourself from selfish interactions with women.

Let’s learn how to communicate like a grown-up artist, not pick-up artist, and start finding genuine partners. There are many quality women waiting for you to see them as their potential partner, let Dr. G help you succeed with the women in your life.