Dr. Ethan Gregory is a counselor and author. He empowers people to reach their potential, find joy and love, and answer the big questions. 


Ethan Gregory has always felt a desire to help others. His passion for learning psychology, sexual health, dating, and relationships began in the self-help sections of bookstores. He learned from Dr. Ruth, Lou Paget, and David Buss about how people act and why. Dr. G graduated from Florida State University in 2003 with B.S. in Family, Child, & Consumer Sciences majoring in child development. In 2004, he earned his Masters in Social Work. Providing social services and family therapy honed his skills in mental health, understanding of socioeconomic issues, and parenting education. He earned his doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology in 2014 from Argosy University, studying sexual preferences. His dissertation focused on America and Japan, comparing their preferences for partners for one night stands and marriage. He has been in international education since 2008, counseling children and their families while teaching health and sexual education. He has been training counselors since 2009 in school guidance, therapy, and university admissions. His first Television appearance was on the Tyra Banks Show in Fall 2006. He began writing advice professionally in 2006 for 944 Magazine. His first books were published in 2015. Dr. Ethan Gregory continues to write for a variety of magazines, online content providers, and working on his own books.