I am currently an overseas trainer working to make a private education company more productive and increasing accountability for their workers. My best advice I would give someone preparing for another grueling workweek ahead is to get as much prep-work done while you don’t have the time pressure of a workday.

Keeping a monthly plan broken down into weekly objectives and even daily objectives will outline the work ahead and help the individual prioritize short term and long term needs. Just like teacher lesson plans, a corporate worker can outline their days for the week ahead and use reminders with their smart phone app of choice or online calendars to remind them when pressing issues need to be addressed.

On the home front, Sunday is a great day to cook ahead for the week. Not just bodybuilders and busy moms are now using their Tupperware to store dinners and lunches. To work hard and stay healthy we should be putting the right kind of things in our body. If we are on a budget, having our lunch made at home might save us from the peer pressure of an expensive business lunch with the coworkers. If you are the type to stand in front of your closet and stare at your clothes hoping something comes to mind each morning, then use Sunday to order your shirt and pants in a row for the next week of workdays. Come Monday morning, you can sleep in an extra 10 minutes knowing you don’t have to worry about what tie or skirt to wear, because you have them ready to go.

Sunday is the day to set the TiVo or download those movies for date night this week. Also, if you don’t want to get the guilt trip for not calling home during the week, go ahead and set a time each Sunday to call mom or dad or grandparents. You will start your week guilt free. I adhere to the six P’s; prior planning prevents piss poor performance.




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