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I have been a guidance counselor since 2008. Previous to working in education I was a social worker and therapist. I have not had one regret in my career transition. I would tell any graduating teacher or career changing professional to go international. I started in Shanghai at an international private school then moved to Japan for four years, and now I am back as a trainer for counselors near Shanghai. The classes are small, the parents are involved, and the resources are usually top notch.

Your salary will be similar or better to what it would be in your state, but there is the benefit of a package that really makes international schools a better alternative. The school sometimes covers taxes, decent housing is provided, your opportunities for travel are endless, and you ability to save (depending on where you work) can be nearly half of your salary. Most international schools want a certified teacher in their subject area and a few years experience. The schools also provide a flight allowance to send you home in the summer. Most contracts are two years to start, after that you can start to look around the world for your next adventure.

I would have considered education much sooner had I known I could save money, pay back my student loans and see the world. I finished a degree while overseas as well, and many schools give financial help for those wanting professional development.




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