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Elle Magazine article, who wrote it better?

Elle Magazine article, who wrote it better?

I made a pitch for an article on women's underwear for exercise and vaginal heath. My words did not make the cut, so here they are. They went with this gynecologist , but you tell me, who wrote it better? Read the article here. My pitch is below. 

As you mention in your query, women often will have their sports bra ready to go for the treadmill, yoga, or neighborhood jog. The sports bra, with the material composition of a bikini top is more like a stronger and most likely rubber and nylon-based support for the breasts. The synthetic fibers wick away moisture from the body, but often leave the underboob area dampened where the sweat collects. The same goes for the panty area. You might go to the gym in your work clothes but not change your cotton undies before you throw on your jogging shorts.

You might be wearing a thong to eliminate the panty lines in your yoga tights, but the material is probably still cotton, which will soak up all the sweat and leave you with a hot and moist crotch area. Bacteria lives and breeds in warm wet environments, and there is no warmer and moister area on the body for them then a post-workout vagina. That post workout shower is important and drying the labia area well is really all the care that is needed post shower to ensure that we don’t change the ph. balance in our vaginal areas.

There are some alternatives to the cotton panty for working out that has solved multiple issues related to exercise induced insecurity. Under Armour makes nylon thongs or fuller bottom panties that will keep you more dry than cotton panties, but they have kept the cotton gusset (oil pan) to help ensure that any abundance of sweat or potential blood that escapes the tampon will be caught before your next downward dog. They are made to eliminate the hems so you don’t have panty lies sticking through your shorts or tights.

While there are high tech options for women, if you are working out for a short time (less than a few hours) you can get away with wearing your standard underwear. It’s the aftercare that will help prevent any bacteria infections. As long as you are not being rubbed the wrong way during your form of exercise, and you are not doing an ultra marathon, you shouldn’t have to worry about accumulation of heat and moisture. If you were prone to irritation or infection, it would be wise to switch to a workout specific panty. For both sports bras and panties, make sure that they are properly fit. If they are too tight it may prevent air from circulating through the garment to help keep you cooler and less sweaty.


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