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Looks for Tinder dates

Looks for Tinder dates

In September I answered a pitch about different looks for Tinder dates. I tried to give some perspective, but my words didn't make the cut. To see the final article at MIMI, click here.

I wanted to add some expert advice to your column. I think that any woman that is on a first date in person after meeting on a dating site should look to match their profile pics as closely as possible. The partner may only have the perception of you that your photos create. Try to at least match the color of one of your photos online. If you appear quite different from your profile, your date will be wondering what else might be misleading about you. If you see something in your date's profile that you can bring like a certain beer label or food type, you can win major brownie points for bringing a little ice breaker gift of that item. I hope this helps.


Author of I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist


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