Online dating allows for making white lies or omitting things that might become obvious after a few first dates. We usually hold off on sharing the negatives we bring into a relationship because we want to give ourselves time to build intimacy and hope that the person will accommodate us once they know us better. Online dating offers an abundance of choice and we tend to screen people out sooner than later before we even meet them in person. A man might decide to lie about being married before (or currently) if they are looking for a more short-term relationship. Married or not, it makes marketing sense to advertise that you are looking for a long-term partner even if you are not. Men might also fudge a salary or education level to attract a partner, hoping that they will not be called out on it. Evolutionary Psychology (my specific brand) says that status and the appearance of wealth are highly desired traits for men; so a little bump in salary that will most likely go unchecked makes dating sense to those guys that might need the boost. Those abs in the photos might be photoshopped or from the one time in the mans life he worked out consistently, so a person looking on the profile should be expecting to be in the ballpark for looks in the photos, not spot on accuracy. Red flags would be a guy that has information on his profile that he never brings up in chats leading to the date. A profile is marketing what is important to us, so if he never mentions his desire to settle down in the immediate future and his profile states he is looking for a serious relationship, he might be misleading someone.


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