I believe a person that is looking to make a change for the better should start with looking at the motivation for their behavior. In the psychology profession we look at changes coming from external or internal motivations. Those actions that come from internal motivation tend to outlast those that come from others or the world around us. For example, I might choose some better eating habits if I really want to focus on my health, but if I am using the media as my mirror, I would fall into the bad habits as I realize I am not really ready to make those changes. Trying to please others is another poor choice to make changes.

My second biggest change that costs very little is to eliminate the toxic relationships in your life. By assessing the relationships that make us feel worse, or do not bring us closer to our ideal self, we can start being more authentic and live a healthier life.

Any behavior change we take on should be from the perspective that we cannot be good for others until we are good for ourselves. Looking at the barriers we have to self-acceptance and reaching our potential can set us up for success.




Author of Iā€™m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist