Two quick tips for getting some variety back in the relationship.


1. Get out of town. Both partners should find something to do within 100 miles of town that they could drive to or a day trip, but still be back at night if they can’t afford to stay over because of kids or financial circumstances. Most every town in America has at least one claim to fame, and it doesn’t matter what that is, just getting out of the usual date night routines should be enough to give the couple something to look forward to. Keeping the location secret until they get close would make it even more fun for the other partner. Stopping on the way home for quickie would bring the day trip to an exciting conclusion.


2. This one might be for the more open-minded couples, but if a couple has never watched pornography together, they should give it a try. Picking randomly from the vast assortment available can eliminate any awkwardness of choice, but the conversations that the vids might spark can lead to some experimenting, new doors being opened, and a new batch of inside jokes for the couple.


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