Divorce carries with it many stigmas worldwide. While Americans have less legal issues and social stigma than other countries, the idea of a marriage failing is not easy for people to overcome as they prepare for being reintroduced to the singles world. A newly divorced person may have a range of logistic and emotional barriers to overcome as they begin life anew independently.

Having gone through the process of marriage with a ceremony to mark that stage in life, there is no real acknowledgement and fanfare to support the next stage after a marriage ends. To lift the spirits of a newly divorced person and to help them know that they have the support of their friends with disposable income, Divorce parties were born to reintroduce the single person to life outside of marriage. These events are self-esteem boosts and gathering with friends will encourage the divorced person that they are loved, when they may be feeling guilt and potentially shame about ending their marriage.

As a professional counselor, I don’t see married people being so jealous of divorce parties that they start thinking of ending their own relationships.Divorce has become so common and part of the culture of relationships that the stigma associated with ending a marriage has lessened in the past few decades. It is still a serious and potentially depressing event for two people to endure. Coming together to support a friend going through the loss of a relationship and ideal future is a good thing.

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