Sleep related female orgasms have been studied infrequently, but Kinsey had a study in the 1950’s that included sleep orgasms. It might be impossible to find a reliable way to encourage the event, just like hoping to not have a nightmare does not guarantee we won’t.

If you are taking care of your sexual needs in your waking hours, you have an opportunity to have a sleep orgasm as well. Women that have sexual intercourse or masturbate, can achieve orgasm, and have a healthy attitude towards sexuality may be more likely to have sleep orgasms. If you do not practice masturbation, and your views of female sexuality are more conservative, sexual thoughts may not be as prevalent in your sleeping hours.

Some research suggests that sexing before bed might kick start the sleep orgasm, as if your body is still riding the orgasm wave once you zonk out. If you tend to have vivid dreams, you might be able to influence your dream by watching, reading, or doing something sexual. Every woman is a snowflake, so it is nearly impossible to forecast a sleep orgasm.

The best chance to achieve a wet dream for yourself is to make it rain before bed and sleep in your goulashes. There is a woman that did her dissertation on SRFO’s, her name is Franceen King (Google her).

Dr. Ethan Gregory

Written for Women’s Health

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Author of I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist and I’m Sorry, You are Not a Disney Princess

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