The following is a submission for StudySoup, on how students can work and be successful in their studies during college.

Having a part time job during college can be a great way to create some balance in one’s life. Working can help a student by not focusing on the stressors that come with higher education. Having friends outside the college bubble gives an outlet for sharing and interacting with people in the community. Getting some spending money might help you pay for those road trips and weekday food specials that you would otherwise pass up or have to ring home to ask for money. Employers for that new career will appreciate that you are taking initiative to start in the world of work and you can still be successful as a student.

While work has its benefits, it can also create a distraction for the real reason you are in school in the first place; which is to graduate. I was guilty of this myself during my undergrad years. I was working at a YMCA life-guarding and teaching swim lessons, and would work early in the mornings, then hustle over to class in a wet bathing suit. It was not a good look, and my buttoned-up suit and tie professor at the time let me know it. If you are doing anything from work study to internships, make sure you try to set a schedule around your classes; not the other way around. Keep your priorities in order. If you have long term projects due, try to arrange your work schedule in such a way that you have some free time to put the work together without cramming it in the night before. For those that are doing work in the service industry and might be up late, don’t schedule those 8:00 or 9:00am classes next semester if you can help it. You already know that you won’t be at your best to make those classes. Maybe StudySoup can find you the notes, but if they count attendance your grade is going to suffer.

Working can be a great supplement to learning at college and should not be feared or avoided. Make the job schedule work for you, and you can feel comfortable earning and learning.

Dr. Ethan Gregory


Author of I’m Sorry, You are Not a Pick-Up Artist and I’m Sorry, You are Not a Disney Princess and You Matter Most! Season One

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