When we look at who is most successful in life, we tend to see the examples in media of wealthy CEO’s, athletes, or celebrities that seem to have the world at their fingertips. For us regular people looking at them thinking about what their life might be like, we see the outcome, but rarely consider the grind that these folks must go through (or went through) to get to the status that they earned. The blue collar worker that puts in a hard day at work and relaxes when they get home might be just as tired as the white collar worker, but the most successful people at all economic levels have something in common; they do more.

We all want to be successful at the things we do, and we as humans strive to stay occupied. For some, just maintaining a life with comfort is enough. The barriers to mega success might be too much, or the ambition to achieve might not be there for those that are fine with things the way they are. For the most driven if life, the motivation to achieve whatever is possible keeps them going beyond when most people would quit. Everyone in the world shares some universal truths.

The day is only 24 hours. The maximizers have found a way to use as much of that time as needed to achieve their next goal. Brian Tracy, author of Eat That Frog, states that people should tackle their hardest objective first, then set off on their less time consuming tasks. When we practice successful time management, we can see the day open up to us, allowing us to add goals for new projects to advance our lives however we see fit.

Ambitious people are driven and able to sacrifice some comfort for their other goals. Waking up early is important if we are manipulating our day to fit our needs. Those that seek one form of success will often want to match that in other aspects of life.

Fitness to help the body stay regulated and capable of achieving the goals a person has for themselves. Without that workout, the required energy might not exist for the individual. Working out is a time sucker, and sometimes literally a pain, so knocking it out at a regimented time early in the day saves the time later and activates the body to be ready for a full day.

I know some writers that set an early alarm and force themselves to write 1000 words before they can start their day. This dedication and sacrifice is what propels the people most of us envy as we watch TV or read for entertainment.

To truly be maximizing our potential or reach our ambitions, we have to neglect other aspects of our life that might be safe, relaxing, or help build a stronger family and friendships.

This was a pitch written for GoBankingRates, the final article can be found here. My words didn't make it, but some of my ideas did.





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